Calling Me Home

Calling Me Home by Lyndon Lane, Goodooga, NSW

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I can feel the souls of my ancestors calling me back home
To all the familiar places and tracks I once did roam
I can see my Grandmother's house at the end of Adams Street,
Where all the Aunties, Uncles and Cousins I did meet
To the banks of the Bokhara River running under the Richmond Bridge
You can hear the waters flow to the sound of an Elder's didge
I can smell the boogalies cooking in a camp oven at my Aunty's place
I can see the sun arising on the wrinkles of my Pop's face
I can recall how my uncle taught me how to ride
In a paddock near their place with Robbo by my side
But I know I must stay here to get a good education
For I want to go back home after my graduation
To see the many family, friends and familiar faces I have known
I can feel the souls of my ancestors calling me back home
They're calling me back, my ancestors in Mother Earth
I want to go back home, to the country of my birth. 

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