From Where I Stand

A poem by Sandra Gaal Hayman, Mount Annan, NSW.

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Take the rain from my heart, 
take the tears from my eyes,
take the dream from my soul,
For I am feeling alone.

Let the wind touch my face, 
let the days slowly go, 
let the good times slowly die, 
For I am feeling so scared.

Make the sun shine again, 
make the love dawn within, 
make the spirit start to dance, 
For I am feeling empty.

See the smile on my face, 
see the laughter in my eyes, 
see the joy within my heart, 
For I am here to win.

Thank you Sandra for sending in your poetry!

Homework: Reflect on the poem

  • Compare the first three paragraphs to the last one. What happened?
  • Think of a time when you felt alone, scared or empty. Can you relate to the things the poet associated with these feelings? What is different for you?
  • Re-read this poem and see it through the lens of Aboriginal history. What are the first three paragraphs referring to? What the last one?

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