Letter To The Future

A poem by Dan Davis, Central Queensland

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I wrote myself a letter, for about five years from now.
Not knowing the date of arrival, not knowing how.
Asking myself some questions, in a matter of fact way.
Who knows what the future may bring,
I can't wait to open it on that day.

Questions like "Have you finished your book yet?" or "You must have a few Poems out by now?"
"Do people still read your words?", "Does it make you proud?"
"Do they hold on to the words you write, 'bout your pride of the Dreaming?"
"Writing about your culture, how you bring them days to meaning?"

Five years, that's a long time to go, so I think I'll make a start.
If I'm busy or not depends, how quickly the years will past.
Five years from now, I'll start with "Yilay-yilay Mari, dimur-dimur ngadiku yimbal,"
"Afternoon Murri, it's a type of message of long time ago."

Yeah, I'll start it with my language, just so I'll know it's me.
Five years from now, I'll start of with Dear Me.

Homework: Reflect on the poem

  • What is the purpose of asking questions to your future self?
  • Explain the difference of starting his letter with his language rather than English.
  • Write a letter to your own future self. Which questions will you ask?

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