My Want Then and Today

A poem by B Robertson, Oolong House, Nowra, New South Wales.

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My Want Then
Here I sit 
Alone in the park 
I'm bored to the hilt 
15 hours til dark 
A drink I'm thinking 
To have some fun 
And forget about the pain 
In this morning sun 
It's 8 o'clock now 
The doors open wide 
To invite the drink one's 
To mosey inside 
Got the first cask 
Tucked under me arm 
Feeling good now 
I'll soon be calm 
Thoughts of freedom 
Soon touch my lips 
As grog hits my guts 
Back in the habit's grip 
No sooner I start 
I start rollin' around 
I know I'm cosy 
On this clover ground

Soon I'm asleep
Blowin' zzzz's galore
A few hours' sleep
Wake up to some more

Funny this ride
I can't get off
Goes 'round and 'round
It's surely my boss.

My Want Today

Here I am today
Some new ways learned
To try and stay calm
And not crash and burn

Still ways to go
To improve my life
And not pick up a beer
It'll surely lead to strife

Sit back, take a breath
Something I've never done
Learning not to stress
A new life has begun

I'll go and throw a line
It's a beautiful day
The breeze in my face
Bad memories fade away

It's comin' on dark
I didn't know the time
Home to cook a feed
And settle for the night

My want for the day
Is embedded in my heart
Don't stuff up the day
Tomorrow's a new start. 

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