Sorry Day

A poem by Vicki Roach

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Sold! Show me how No, thank you

Australia! Oh forgetful nation
Went and lost a whole generation
Where oh where could those people be?
Where did you put those Aborigine?

Those ones you stole
From their sacred ground
You know you put 'em somewhere
But oh where can they be found?

Wait! There's one now
Hiding behind that tree
You better lock him up
Maybe throw away the key

And what about his mum aye
And where the hell's his dad
And why is that one there
Walkin' 'round alone and sad

It's coz you went and lost us all
You sick and sorry fools
You lost us in your foster homes
Your missions and your schools

You scattered us from one end
Of this wide, brown land to the other
And took us from our mums and dads
Our sisters and our brothers

But you're sorry now I hear you say
You didn't mean to lose us
You even made a Sorry Day
And think that that excuses

As if for your crimes that atones
And makes it all right
A day of being sorry
We were black instead of white

I reckon we'll just grab our lap-tops
And take our mobile phones
And take your education
And find our own way home 

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