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A poem by Dan Davis, Central QLD.

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"T'was bound to happen," he said while drinking a beer. 
"It always does, around this time of year."
"You watch the wind how it moves, in every direction,"
Saying it like a weather man, speaking with perfection.

"Yep, every year, without a doubt, it rains on this day!"
Thunder and lightning up for display. 
"Next year's gonna be different," speaking head down.
"It's gonna be different, on my side of town."

That year went fast, the rain was getting there,
Buying a drink for his mate and him, their seats were bare.
A young man came along, he asked "Have you seen that friend of mine?"
With teary eyes, "He won't be coming today, he's gone to join the sunshine."

"He was my dad, and always spoke of you.
His last words were, 'To watch the weather, over a beer or two.'"
I'll miss that old bugger, as the rain slowly began,
Looking toward the clouds, he said:
"It was bound to happen," as the rain came again.

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