Thug Life

A poem by Ray Sailor

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Everything we do in this life
makes people hate us
because of the way we live in society,
but amongst all of that
they never seem to see the good that is in us.

Instead they see us as criminals and hoodlums
that don't deserve to live amongst the people.

But what they don't see is
that we young blacks struggle in a life of poverty,
where youngsters die because of the lack of love we get.

So we fall into a life of drugs,
liquor and violence
which we have long been witness to
in our daily lives.

But who's to say if we were right or wrong
to live our lives as outlaws all along
while remaining strong
in a world full of player-haters as they conversate,
but our lives are full of demonstrators.

I'm a child of society
and no matter what I do I'm still your child.
Lock me away, I've been locked up for hundreds of years
I can go away for a hundred more.

Because in the end you can't judge me for who I am,
leave that to god.

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