When Words Together

A poem by Zelda Quakawoot, QLD

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Political words you use
Do not bemuse
My audience before you;

Like rehearsed prose
One does suppose:
Conflicting points of view;

When words together
Respect each other
They always linger longer;

Our true Songlines
In dance and rhyme
Has ALWAYS made us stronger!

Understanding the poem

Zelda explains her poem:

"This poem intends to simply (and maybe cryptically) make a point about the ways words are used in Australian politics. Political dialogue is never memorable in essence because it changes very often from perspective to perspective, almost a 'rehearsed prose', as described. It has been practiced through hundreds of years in the science of democracy.

"Our Songlines, however, are connected to the people and land, they are respectful and protecting, and they have existed for thousands of years across this land.

"The most recent election [in July 2016] would be a great illustration of how this poem reflects on the use words to communicate in this country when it comes to money and policy in our country.

"Thank you for reading!"

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