Is fusing stories and numbers key to improving Aboriginal lives? – Sheree Cairney

Once we intertwine Western concepts (numbers) and Aboriginal concepts (stories) we can make sustainable progress – and switch to viewing Aboriginal culture from a positive perspective.

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Aboriginal knowledge is passed down through stories and governments mainly speak the language of numbers... Bring together stories and numbers for the two worlds to meet.

— Sheree Cairney

Sheree has spent her adult life working in remote Australia, deep in sacred Aboriginal country. She has a deep respect for the Aboriginal communities, and her current research hopes to answer some profoundly human questions – How do we define success? What makes us happy? And what can we learn from Aboriginal wisdom?

Sheree Cairney has worked as a neuroscientist in remote Aboriginal communities for 17 years. Her research has shed light on the transformation of brain and behaviour that happens with drug abuse and led to ground-breaking clinical evidence the brain can repair itself if substance abuse stops early enough.