Journey into the Dreamtime – Aunty Munya

Journey into the Dreamtime with Aunty Munya Andrews (50 min).

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We are often asked ‘What is Aboriginal Dreamtime?’ This is a bit like asking ‘What is Christianity?’ or ‘What is Islam?’ Oh and ‘Please explain it to me in a sentence or two’. Aboriginal Dreamtime is a fully fledged spiritual philosophy and way of life as complex as other world religions. An appreciation of it would require a lengthy course if not several years of learning. The quickest way is to culturally immerse yourself and be open to experiential epiphanies through guided cultural activities. For as one Yanuwa Elder remarked: ‘White people ask me all the time, what is the Dreaming? This is a difficult thing to answer because Dreaming is a very BIG thing for Aboriginal people.’

Why don’t you come on a Journey into the Dreamtime to explore something more about Australia and its Indigenous peoples, and even learn more about yourself?

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Published by EVOLVE - Indigenous Wisdom, Aboriginal Culture

Take your shoes off, walk on the land, and information comes to you.

— Aunty Munya Andrews