Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival Sydney 2007

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Sydney is host to the Indigenous Film Festival since its inception in 1999. The festival premiers a fine selection of Aboriginal films in drama, documentary, comedy and shorts, often followed by a short question and answers (Q&A) session. Many of the film reviews you find on this site come from my visits to the Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival which is very popular.

Aboriginal filmmakers have used the lens to capture the feelings and thoughts of our people, talking about their lives at a turning point in Australia's history.

— Darren Dale, Blackfella Films, co-host of the film festival

8th Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival program

Venue: Sydney Opera House, Playhouse. The festival then tours nationally.

Theme: A Bit of Black Business

This year's festival theme revolves around 'A Bit of Black Business'. It comprises five minute drama story ideas that explore individual notions and experiences of contemporary 'Black Business', from the unique perspective of Aboriginal Australians. On television, 'A Bit of Black Business' films will screen on SBS in the 7.30pm time slot at the end of the popular Inspector Rex. 'A Bit of Black Business' was shot all over Australia, predominantly by first time filmmakers. You might want to watch these men and women because they might show up again next year!

What's new this year? For the first time films are screened at two different venues in parallel. Due to the huge demand Sydney Opera House has introduced tickets as well, but only if you want to secure a seat. Individual film screenings remain free.

Friday, 4 May 2007

8.00pm til late

Gala Opening Night and Party featuring Crocodile Dreaming, selected short films from Bit of Black Business, the Tudawali Award and the Bob Maza Fellowship. All tickets $50

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Bit of Black Business Part 1

Playhouse | 12pm - 1pm

Custard (Michelle Blanchard)

Too Late (Michael Longbottom)

Two Big Boys (Jon Bell)

Days Like These (Martin Leroy Adams)

Back Seat (Pauline Whyman)

Nana (Warwick Thornton)

Bit of Black Business Part 2

Playhouse | 1.45pm - 3pm

Bloodlines (Jacob Nash)

The Turtle (Kelli Cross)

Sharpeye (Aaron Fa'aoso)

Done Dirt Cheap (Debbie Carmody)

Kwatye (Trisha Morton-Thomas)

Hush (Dena Curtis)

Jackie Jackie (Adrian Willis)

Dark Science

The Studio | Johan Gabrielsson and Julie Nimmo | 52 min | 2:15pm - 3:30pm

A Sister's Love

Ivan Sen | 52 min | 3:45pm - 5.15pm

Imagine your twin sister is murdered. Image further that the murderer was never found. Would you, after eight years, agree to relive and tell about these events?

Film: A Sister's Love


Playhouse | Warwick Thornton | 5 min | 6.00pm

Film: Nana

Crocodile Dreaming

Playhouse | Darlene Johnson | 28 min | 6.10pm - 7pm

Followed by an Artists Talk with David Gulpilil.

Film: Crocodile Dreaming


The Studio | Nanobah Becker | 9 min | 7.45pm

Four Sheets To The Wind

The Studio | Sterlin Harjo | 91 min | 7.45pm - 9.30pm

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sunset to Sunrise

Playhouse | Allan Collins | 25 min | 12pm - 1.30pm

Destiny in Alice

Playhouse | Sonja Dare | 27 min

Songlines to the Seine

The Studio | Julie Nimmo | 52 min | 12pm - 1.15pm

Nigger Lovers

The Studio | Stephen Hagan | 27 min | 1.45 pm - 3.15pm

Flour, Sugar, Tea

The Studio | Lee Willis-Ardler | 27min

Footprints in the Sand

Playhouse | Glen Stasiuk | 27 min | 4:30pm - 6.00pm

When Natives Get Restless

Playhouse | Adrian Wills | 27 min

More Aboriginal films

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Message Sticks Indigenous Film Festival - A panel of directors and actors in discussion with the audience.
Message Sticks Film Festival. The audience gets the chance to have questions and answers with the film makers at the end of each film.

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