Always told I was a white girl

A poem by Tara Shannon, NSW.

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Always told I was a white girl
But knew deep down my own inheritance
an Australian-Indigenous said my parents,
Constantly Criticised on my Appearance

Who are you to say I’m not Aboriginal?
Because the colour of my skin is white?
and I myself don’t believe in who you call Christ?
Educate your kids, Australia, get them to change their behaviour.

Mother of Land is who i believe in
regardless of my skin,
I’ve got black through my blood and through every inch of my veins
Did your mother not tell you, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?

I think you should both talk to each other and rediscover
How much this land really means to me, my people and my brother
When Is all the racism and discrimination all going to end I wonder
I’m just a young Australian-Indigenous girl.

Continuing on the spirit, I’ll never understand 
Why it's so hard to make peace & justice, with everyone on this land. 
for it will always belong with us,
for many years without a fuss

I will always stand up for what is right and speak up
on behalf of my mob and community,
this if for you,

Thank you Tara for sending in your poem!

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