From The Oceans To The Dusts

A poem by Zelda Quakawoot, QLD

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We will honour our elders 
Till the chains of time rust 
cos' they shared their legacy
From the oceans to the dusts

It's not written on the pages of Wills.
Or even on the Net,
It's just as they left it
The same when they went

No signage is written
In words with a meaning
By words from their mouths
Grew generations of Dreaming;

Animals and plants,
They mirrored the soul;
The stories had teachings,
For each waterhole;

Time has watched fete change,
And the stars, they still shine;
Elders showed us the legacy,
Of environment sublime;

We will honour our elders,
Till the dawn meets the dusk
They entrusted this legacy
From the oceans to the dusts
Zelda's poem on a background showing a sunset.
Image: Casuarina Beach, NT. © Zelda Quakawoot. Used with permission.

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