Light Years Away

A poem by Jonathan Hill, Old Erowal Bay, New South Wales

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My lifetime flickers
In the fading light,
I no longer have
The will to fight.

The battle continues
Till my dying day,
Forever forced to live
The white man's way.

The songlines and stories
The laws of the land,
Deemed mythical nonsense
By those in command.

Now lost to eternity
Perished and passed,
Making way for modernity
A comical farce.

A culture bound
By desire not need,
Ruled by the wealthy
Infected with greed.

The unifying power
Of the setting sun
Is proof humanity
Is collectively one.

But such a realisation
Is light years away,
There's no profit to be made
Living the peaceful way. 

Jonathan Hill is a non-Aboriginal author.

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[1] Koori Mail 423 p.24 Please note that Jonathan is not Aboriginal to Australia, but has Indigenous ancestry from the Southern Philippines - the Mandaya and Kalagan Tribes located near Davao.

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