Life of Sharon Roebourne

A poem by Sharon Roebourne, Western Australia

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I am an aboriginal
Simple and original
I like to keep tradition
I always love my fishin
I am a northwester
Where I like to fester 
Under the hot sun
Where I can have fun
I like to get a tan
Whenever I can
I love the great outdoors
Someday I'll see the waterfalls
I'd like to see a croc if not
I'll stand on the top of Ayers Rock
I love the Pilbara land
Always dry and never bland
I have a little girl 
She puts me in a whirl
Her name is Shae
She was born in May
So now you know about me
So young and so free
And that's the way I like to be!

Thank you Sharon for contacting me and sharing this poetry of yours.

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