A poem by Dan Davis, central Queensland

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Dark storm clouds over a beach in Queensland
I think it's going to rain today, the sun isn't so bright.
The clouds are slowing covering the blue, closing it all from sight.

He Coming Now I think I heard some thunder, smell rain in the air.
Just saw a flash of lightning, stretching out over there.

"BANG", the clap of thunder goes, it can give a little fright.
Watching this lightning can be dangerous, but oh what a sight.

He Coming Now, that big fella, He coming really fast.
The rain is really falling down, wonder how long it'll last.

He Coming Now, see I told you He'll back to see us all soon.
The old fella, always brings the lightning, and noisy thunder too.

He coming Now, For how long I can't really say.
But He here, for a little while, so don't go outside and play.

He here now, you kids, look how he lights up the sky.
That old fella Mookari, he don't wanna say goodbye.

Look how he makes the thunder, roar, so very loud.
He make the lightning show its brightness, he feeling really proud.

Mookari old man, You're the same every year.
I like it when you visit us, but don't get too near.

Mookari, Old Man, the name for Real big rain.
Looks like the old Man is going now but He'll be back again.

He going now, the rain is slowing down.
He'll go and water somewhere else, cool off some other town.

There he goes, the sky is turning blue, the sun is coming out.
But watch out for that old man, he'll come back to us no doubt.

Listen to Mookari (mp3, 1.6MB).

Mookari is the Baradah clan's word for storm.

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