Who are We?

A poem by Richard G Kennedy, Landcare Indigenous Involvement Officer, Albury-Wodonga, Victoria

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Tree crusing a house and car.
Photo: Cheryl Empey, sxc.hu
Where in the world do we feel free,
When born into life as an Aborigine?
Our lives changed forever when the white man came.
An idyllic lifestyle never to be the same.

A oneness with nature since the beginning of time.
Now reduced to poverty, no identity, crime.
They conquered our paradise and tore it apart.
Now our mother is bleeding minus her heart.

Nature is screaming and crying in pain
At the loss of her children, the tears fall like rain.
We would like you to listen and pay heed to our words.
But as a minority our voices aren't heard.

As children of the land and make no mistake.
Know that a vengeful spirit will surely awake.
The earth will be cleansed and we must agree
That this will soon happen, for its man's destiny. 

Homework: Reflect on the poem

  • What is Richard telling us about the living situation of Aboriginal people?
  • Who is the 'mother' and her 'children'?
  • What could awaken the 'vengeful spirit'? Could we avoid it? How?

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