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  1. Arts

    ‘Wunubi Spring’, a painting by Freddie Timms, an artist from the Warmun community in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, becomes the world’s first chemically protected Indigenous artwork. Intended to prevent fraudulent sale, a mixture of chemicals is added to the artist’s paint and cannot be entirely removed from a painting.

  2. Recognition

    In his swearing-in speech, High Court Chief Justice Robert French acknowledges the Ngunnawal people present as the ‘traditional people’ of the area and pays tribute to Aboriginal culture and history. It is believed to be the first time such comments came from Australia’s highest legal seat.

  3. Centrelink begins distributing the BasicsCard in the Northern Territory.

  4. Stolen Generations

    The Greens introduce the Stolen Generations Reparations Tribunal Bill. This bill seeks to implement 'reparations', a key recommendation of the Bringing Them Home report.

    Reparation is much more than monetary compensation and includes "measures such as funding for healing centres, community education projects, community genealogy projects, and funding for access to counselling services, health services, language and culture training for the Stolen Generations."

    Just reparations are essential to repairing the enduring social, economic and cultural harm experienced by the Stolen Generations.

    — Rachel Siewert, Greens Senator


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