Once There Was A Boy

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"Once there was a boy who lived on an island. He lived there all by himself. Spreading the seeds of our culture..."

Once There Was A Boy is a poignant, universal story of friendship, temptation and reconciliation. The disarmingly sweet, simple language in this whimsical childrens' picture book belies an emotional depth that allows the author to reach out to both the young, and the young at heart.

This stunning picture book (which the publisher says is "amongst the most beautiful it has released") is transformed into a gently touching grown-up story by the use of sophisticated allegorical elements, such as the heart as love or friendship and the Sapotes as forbidden fruit.

I wrote 'Once There Was A Boy' to show kids that boys have feelings too... and that sometimes those feelings can get hurt and that's okay.

— Dub Leffler

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