The Original Australians: The story of the Aboriginal People

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The Original Australians tells the story of Australian Aboriginal history and society from its distant beginnings to the present day.

From the wisdom and paintings of the Dreaming, to the first contacts between Europeans and Aboriginal Australians, right through to the Uluru Statement From the Heart, it offers an insight into the life and experiences of the world's oldest culture. The resilience and adaptability of Aboriginal people over millennia is one of the great human stories of all time.

Josephine Flood answers the questions about Aboriginal Australia that Australians and visitors often ask:

  • Where did the Aborigines come from and when?
  • How did they survive in such a harsh environment?
  • What was the traditional role of Aboriginal women?
  • Why didn't colonists sign treaties with Aboriginal people?
  • Were Aboriginal children 'stolen'?
  • What are the challenges face by Aboriginal communities today?

And many more.

This rich account aims to understand both black and white perspectives and is fascinating reading for anyone who wants to discover Aboriginal Australia. This second edition is fully revised and updated.

About the Author

Dr Josephine Flood is a prominent archaeologist, recipient of the Centenary Medal and former director of the Aboriginal Heritage Section of the Australian Heritage Commission. She has published a number of books on Australian archaeology and history, including the influential Archaeology of the Dreamtimeand The Riches of Ancient Australia.

This is an up-to-the-minute and balanced account of Aboriginal experience from earliest prehistory to today. Clearly written and well-illustrated.

— Emeritus Professor Campbell MacKnight, Australian National University

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