Walking with Seasons in Kakadu

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Join Diane Lucas and Ken Searle as they walk through the bush of northern Australia. Follow the seasonal calendar of the Gundjeihmi-speaking people of the Murrumburr clan of Kakadu.

"This is a story that has got to be told to children so they know country. It's no good just sitting in the classroom all day. You've got to get outside and discover the bush, feel the changes, see what's there."

Walking with Seasons in Kakadu is intended for ages 6 and upwards. The book invites children to closely observe the birds, plants, and animals that inhabit the unique environment of Kakadu, in the Northern Territory of Australia, by presenting the six Aboriginal seasons and their characteristics. Offering a holistic approach to the climate and life in Kakadu, it emphasises making children feel part of the landscape.

Walking with Seasons in Kakadu also explores educational themes including seasons in the tropics, stories from the land, cultural and indigenous studies, language studies, and art, with detailed teachers' notes for each.

About the author

Diane Lucas was a school teacher on an Aboriginal outstation in Kakadu during 1983 and 84. From 1991 to 96 she worked on a research project documenting traditional resources on the South Alligator River floodplain and surrounds. She now lives only two hours from Kakadu and maintains a strong relationship with the people and country there.

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