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Trip to the Top End is a personal recount and report of the author's visit to the Top End of the Northern Territory with his Mum when he was a teenager.

Mark retells his journey from an Aboriginal perspective and talks about the special places he visited along the way which are so important to the First Nations' People.

Mark's story looks at the science, geography and climate of this remarkable region of Australia.

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About the author

Mark is a proud Wiradjuri (Central NSW) and European man who is an emerging writer and artist. Growing up he learnt about culture and language from the Aboriginal community on the Far North Coast, NSW. He’s qualified with a master's degree in Indigenous Studies and a master's degree in Business Administration. He’s an experienced social worker and currently manages his own cultural consultancy business. He is passionate about culture and reconciliation. He strives to live the Wiradjuri word of Yindyamurra, which means to live with gentleness and kindness.

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