Among Us


In Among Us Richard Frankland helps uncover some of the stories of the Stolen Generations of Victoria. In 2009 a group of elders return to where they had been placed as children.

Among Us captures the history of removals in the Ballarat region. Over two days the elders visit the old institutions and record to the camera their stories of life not only in the institutions, but the effects removal had into adult life.

Some elders did not wish to speak of their experiences, preferring to simply be a part of the group and consider the past in their own way, while some were quite up front about their sometimes traumatic memories.

Viewers are exposed to what resulted from their trip and are privy to their stories of hope and survival.

Copies of the DVD are available by contacting Connecting Home, 03-8670 0777, [email protected].


Uncle Murray Harrison
Uncle Howard 'Choc' Edwards
Aunty Nora Walters
Freddie Clarke
Roseanna Davenport West
and others
Release dates
2010 - Australia
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied
Connecting Home

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