Aboriginal series movies

Film titleYearDirectorDuration [mins]Rating
Aussie Bush Tales Series2018 Regina Pagano 3 x 8 x 10G
Barrumbi Kids2022 Unknown 10 x 30G
Burned Bridge (Heartland)2003 Scott Hartford-Davis
Julian Pringle
Kate Woods
Paul Faint
3 DVDs, total 645M
First Wars2021 Rachel Perkins 3x 50PG
From The Ashes2009 Dean Gibson 30G
Grace Beside Me (Series 1)2018 Lynn-Maree Danzey
Beck Cole
Nicholas Verso
13x 25G
Kiki and Kitty (Series 1)2017 Catriona McKenzie 6 x 12MA 15+
Little J & Big Cuz (Series 1)2017 Tony Thorne 13 x 12G
Little J & Big Cuz (Series 2)2019 Anthony Thorne 13x 12G
Mystery Road (TV series, Season 1)2018 Rachel Perkins 6x 55M
Mystery Road (TV series, Season 2)2020 Wayne Blair
Warwick Thornton
6x 55M
Mystery Road (TV series, Season 2) copy2022 Dylan River 6x 55M
On the Edge2010 Benjamin Rose 338PG
Our Footprint (Series 1)2013 Various directors 18 x 15G
Our Footprint (Series 2)2014 Various directors 19 x 15G
Our Footprint (Series 3)2015 Various directors 15 x 15G
Ready For This2015 Tony Krawitz
Adrian Wills
Daina Reid
1 x 60 min & 12 x 30G
Redfern Now (Series 1)2012 Leah Purcell
Catriona McKenzie
Rachel Perkins
Wayne Blair
6 x 60
Redfern Now (Series 2)2013 Rachel Perkins
Adrian Wills
Beck Cole
Leah Purcell
Wayne Blair
6 x 60M
Robbie Hood (Season 1)2019 Dylan River 6x 10G
Talking Language with Ernie Dingo2014 Ramahn Allam 6 x 22G
Thalu2020 Tyson Mowarin 5 x 30 minG
The Dreaming (Series)1995, 1997 Various directors variesG
The Gods of Wheat Street2013 Adrian Wills
Catriona McKenzie
Wayne Blair
6 x 60M
The Straits2012 Peter Andrikidis
Rachel Ward
Rowan Woods
10 x 55M
Total Control (Series 1)2019 Rachel Perkins 6x 60MA 15+
Total Control (Series 1)2021 Wayne Blair 6x 60MA 15+
Wambidgee1962 William Copland 12 x 7

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