Kiki and Kitty (Series 1)


Kiki and Kitty follows the adventures of Kiki, the good black girl in a bad white world, who stumbles across her vagina in the personification of Kitty, a big, black woman who maker her realise there is a lot more to life than she thought.

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Episode 1: Kiki Comes to Town

Nervous and keen to make friends in her new job, Kiki spends a drunken night with her colleagues. The next morning, with no memory of the night, she wakes to find a glamorous stranger in her bedroom claiming to be her vagina.

Episode 2: A Blessing in Disguise

In a bid to free herself from her 'evil vagina spirit', Kiki turns to her Nan to seek answers in the hope of finding a sacred Aboriginal ritual to make Kitty go away.

Episode 3: Live Fast, Die Young

Kiki realises she needs to embrace Kitty, aka her vagina, and together they embark on a journey into Kiki's "bad girl" side.

Episode 4: Big Trouble in Little 'Gina

While Kiki and Kitty attempt to cross "have an orgasm" off Kiki's list, Kiki takes steps to follow her ice-skating dream but is branded as a 'menopausal millennial' by an overly competitive teenage girl.

Episode 5: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Moist

Kiki with Kitty's encouragement takes action to get her job back and confronts her colleagues, whilst also getting it on with Jack.

Episode 6: Ice, Ice Baby

As Kiki prepares for glory, Kitty prepares to say goodbye.

Kiki and Kitty is one of the most original Australian comedies in years.

— Sydney Morning Herald


Nakkiah Lui - Kiki
Elaine Crombie - Kitty
Christine Anu - Maria, Kiki's mum
Tessa Rose - Nan
Charlie Garber - Jack
Harriet Dyer - Cherise
Ryan Johnson - Brandon
Rob Carlton - Bryce
Lisa Flanagan - Nan's Kitty
Dave Eastgate - Jack Junior
Steve Rodgers - Merryweather
Release dates
4 December 2017 - Australia
MA 15+ - Mature accompanied
Chiara Costanza

Written by Nakkiah Lui.

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