The Gods of Wheat Street


The Gods of Wheat Street is a television drama series that transports you into the world, hearts and humour of a modern Aboriginal family of local legends.

Head of the family before his time, Odin Freeburn is being pulled in all directions. As a young boy twenty years ago he promised his dying mother he would keep the family together. Now he has one brother in jail, another brother is in love with the daughter of the family enemy, and his wife has run away to the city leaving him to raise their two daughters.

His employer has just died, his sister-in-law is in love with him, and the spirit of his mother Eden has come back on a mission to protect the important destiny of the Freeburn line--just a normal day for Odin Freeburn.

But there are schemes against him and pressure is mounting for Odin. Can he let go of his past in time to save the future?

Each episode spans a few hectic days with a touch of magic and enough deadpan humour to help the characters rise above obstacles that would bring mere mortals to their knees - and get on with the important matters of love, family and football.

Season 1 episode guide

Episode 1: The Obligation

Odin Freeburn is being pulled in all directions and the mechanics workshop that keeps them housed and fed is up for sale. With the prospect of no job or home, his family wants to know what he plans to do.

Episode 2: The Fighting Freeburns

Odin thought his only battle was organising the paperwork for the bank, but he's not the only one interested in Colpepper & Sons. Meanwhile, Jonesy Brown returns to Casino to cause trouble.

Episode 3: The Games People Play

Odin hasn't found a guarantor for the loan and Jonesy Brown has had him locked up for assault. With the court date set for the same day as the auction, will Odin be set free and make it to the auction?

Episode 4: Nobody Lives Forever

Libby, sick of not being appreciated, decides to let the Freeburns fend for themselves; Jonesy breaks into the Freeburn's house in search of his stolen money; and Tristan tries to win back Anastasia.

Episode 5: The Mighty Are Fallen

With Odin fighting for his life in hospital, and with the Freeburn home and workshop in danger of repossession, Libby decides it up to her to take care of the business.

Episode 6: She Who Supplanted Her Sister

Everyone is relieved to have Odin home, but the business is in deep trouble despite all their efforts. When Odin's wife arrives out of nowhere all Libby's insecurities return.



Alfie Gledhill - Fables
Bruce Carter - Ares Freeburn
David Field - Harry Hamilton
Frederick Copperwaite - Jonesy Brown
Jack Charles - Old Uncle
Kelton Pell - Odin Freeburn
Lauren Hamilton Neill - Shaz
Lisa Flanagan - Libby Lavelle
Mark Coles Smith - Tristan Freeburn
Miah Madden - Athena Freeburn
Millie Samuels - Anastasia Hamilton
Mouche Phillips - Petra Hamilton
Rarriwuy Hick - Electra Freeburn
Richard Green - Knuckles
Shari Sebbens - Isolde Freeburn
Tessa Rose - Teri Lavelle
Ursula Yovich - Eden Freeburn
Release dates
2014 - Australia
Video/DVD release date
21 May 2014
M - Mature
Jeff Lang

Filmed on location around Casino and Lismore in Northern NSW.

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