Kindred looks at the importance of discovering your place in the world.

When filmmakers Gillian Moody and Adrian Russell Wills met making a short film together 21 years ago, little did they know that later they would become close friends relying on each other to navigate the rollercoaster of life.

Both Gill and Adrian are Aboriginal and were adopted out to white families in Sydney's Northern Beaches and North Shore. Kindred details their experiences growing up, parted from their culture and in turn, parted from a huge part of their identity.

Kindred is a visual journey into the complexities of family, self-love, isolation and belonging, bloodlines, identity and friendship. It explores that home and love truly can be found in the people and places that your heart connects to and what it means to live in two worlds, black and white.


Release dates
2021 - Australia
G - general

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