Aboriginal comedy movies

Film titleYearDirectorDuration [mins]Rating
50 Shades of Black (Girl)2020 Unknown 6 x 30
8MMM Aboriginal Radio2015 Dena Curtis
Adrian Wills
6 x 30
All My Friends Are Racist2021 Bjorn Stewart 5x 10MA 15+
Aunty Maggie & The Womba Wakgun2009 Leah Purcell 11G
Babakiueria ("Barbecue Area")1986 Don Featherstone 30PG
Basically Black1973 Various directors 30PG
Black As2016 David Batty 20 x 5
Black As (Series 1) copy2018 David Batty 10 x 8
Black As - Season 42022 David Batty 8x 9
Black As – We're Back (Series 2) copy2020 David Batty 10 x 8
Black Comedy (Season 1)2015 Craig Anderson
Beck Cole
6 x 30M
Black Comedy (Season 2)2016 Erica Glynn
Beck Cole
6 x 30M
Black Comedy (Season 3)2018 Beck Cole
Steven McGregor
6 x 30M
Black Comedy (Season 4)2019 Steven McGregor
Nakkiah Lui
6 x 30M
Bush Mechanics1998, 2001 Francis Jupurrurla Kelly
David Batty
4x 26PG
Cooked2020 Jake Duczynski 5 x 5MA 15+
Dark Matter Don’t Matter2021 Unknown 5x 60
Done Dirt Cheap2007 Debbie Carmody 5G
Express Yourself2015 Various directors 6x 25M
Faboriginal (Season 1)2020 Andy Nehl 8x 25M
Jackie Jackie2007 Adrian Wills 5G
KGB2019 Luke Riches
Daniel Riches
5 x 6M
Kiki and Kitty (Series 1)2017 Catriona McKenzie 6 x 12MA 15+
Long Black2022 Laura Clelland
Gabriel Willie
Mimi2002 Warwick Thornton 13M
Occupation: Native2017 Trisha Morton-Thomas 52PG
Preppers2021 Steven McGregor 6x 30PG
Sa Black Thing (Sa Blak Thing)2005 Rima Tamou 30G
Stone Bros.2009 Richard Frankland 92MA 15+
The Life of Harry Dare1995 Aleski Vellis 90M
The Opportunists2000 Daniel King 10R18+
The Turtle2007 Kelli Cross 5PG
Thou Shalt Not Steal2021 Dylan River
Top End Wedding2019 Wayne Blair 102G

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