Black As - Season 4


Episode guide

Episode 1: Survival: Stranded on a deserted island! Will they find a way home?

The boys have now been stuck on the island for weeks. Hungry, thirsty, unshaved, grumpy and fighting. Going by the phase of the moon they are worried they will miss out on an important initiation ceremony of a close family member on a nearby island community. On top of this, no fire, no matches and no idea how they will get off the island...

Episode 2: No Food, No Water, No Shelter! Staying Alive in the Australian Outback

The boys make it to shore and look for any food they can find and a place to camp for the night. They start a fire using a flare and cook whatever they manage to find. With full bellies they sleep high in the trees away from animals that could get them in the night.

Episode 3: Bush Mechanics! Can They Drive an Abandoned Car with a Missing Wheel?

The boys notice an aeroplane, get their bearings and head towards home. On their way they spot something - it’s Joe's car! It’s been vandalised - will they be able to use their bush #mechanics and make it home for the ceremony?

Episode 4: All Gas No Brakes: Stealing Boats and Payback Time

The boys have fixed Joe’s car and are on their way to Oppy's to get their revenge. Will they get caught stealing his boat again?

Episode 5: How to Steal and Tow a 5-Metre Boat Without a Trailer

The boys have stolen Oppy’s boat but don't have a trailer to tow it.. Will they figure out a way to tow the boat with no trailer?

Episode 6: Hunting While Being Hunted: Stranded in a Croc Infested River

The boys are heading with a stolen boat to catch some fish and crabs for the ceremony.. But they have a problem, Oppy and Boogie are on their way!

Episode 7: Hunting Buffalo and Crab in the Australian Outback

The boys spot some buffalo and decide to jump in the car and to take some to the ceremony… Will they catch any?

Episode 8: The Last Supper: Cooking Crabs with a Car Battery

The boys have no car and have missed the ceremony... They need a fire to keep warm and cook their mud crabs but how will they start one?

Feature length version

Watch Joe, Dino, Chico, Jerome and their trusty dog Rami escape an island, hunt crabs, chase buffalo and get revenge on their enemies Oppy and Boogie.


Jerome Lilypiyana
Joseph Smith
Dino Wanybarrnga
Chico Wanybarrnga
Lloyd Garrawurra
Oppy Wamana Durrurrn
Butjabutjami ‘Boogie’ Ngurruwuthun
Trevor Djaarakaykay
Release dates
4 November 2022

Filmed on Yolngu country, Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

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