Black Comedy (Season 4)


The fourth series of Black Comedy will continue an acerbic, witty and altogether unapologetic comedic exploration of what it means to be black in contemporary Australia. The sketch comedy show is written and performed by some of the sharpest and funniest blackfellas in the country who carve up sacred cows, dismantle stereotypes, and turn modern Australian culture inside out.

See also: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3.

Episode 1–6

Content to be advised


Aaron Fa’Aoso
Nakkiah Lui
Gabriel Willie
Bjorn Stewart
Maci Grace Johnson
Dalara Williams
Meyne Wyatt
Ningali Lawford
Aaron McGrath
Jalen Sutcliffe
Rob Collins
Christine Anu
Sean Choolburra
Shari Sebbens
Release dates
2019 - Australia
M - Mature
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

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