Black Comedy (Season 2)


Black Comedy is back with new episodes.

One features Jack Charles as a modern-day tracker. In this alternative universe, use of trackers is so widespread they are enlisted in hardware stores to locate items for customers. When Jack’s character abandons his customer because he has no cash to pay him, the now stranded bloke squeals in horror with the realisation he must find his own way back to the counter. An awful lot is happening underneath the surface of such a simple scene.

The humour is broad, from sight gags to pop culture references and various forms of farce. Like any sketch show the jokes are a little hit and miss – such is the nature of the format. But underlining everything is an extremely interesting perspective: what the cast and crew see as preconceptions of Aboriginal Australians ripe for satire.

Thus we have the return of the emergency response unit “Blakforce”, deployed in an Aboriginal community when people are reported for not behaving Aboriginal enough. It’s styled in the manner of a Cops parody; two no-nonsense authorities raid the house of somebody hosting a barbeque who allegedly (gasp!) has not burnt all their meat. “We’ve got an under-cooker,” one of them cries. The cop is appalled by a confession that the offender was inspired by Master Chef as he puts the stereotype-breaking sod in cuffs.

There’s also – among many more breezy titbits – some fine Godfather-esque parodies. One has warring Aboriginal factions locking horns over who gets to perform Welcome to Country ceremonies, drawing up boundaries of ‘power’.

See also Season 1, Season 3, Season 4.

Sample episode

Episode 1

Returning for a second series, with new characters along with returning favourites including, Townsville's favourite gays, the Housewives of Narromine, Blakforce & Tiffany, the culturally confused wannabe black, white girl.

Episode 2

There's a meeting to decide on a unified Indigenous language, and things get all Goodfellas with The Elders, with two Matriarchs feuding over the lucrative rights of the 'Welcome to Country' income stream.

Episode 3

There's an advertising company trying to rebrand Aboriginality, a horror movie about silent phone numbers, the Housewives of Narromine and Blakforce SCU: Special Coconut Unit.

Episode 4

Meet a mad driving instructor and Uncle Doctor, an unconventional medico, and Tiffany the racially confused white woman is back.

Episode 5

There's a computer that comes up with Aboriginal names, the Tiddas make an announcement and we visit Wandaroorah, a little town that needs Aboriginal people – and will do anything to get them.

Episode 6

We're introduced to Maloo, a pre-settlement conspiracy theorist, we meet a serial killer who refuses to kill based on skin colour and we help the Tiddas celebrate a very special event.


Jon Bell
Aaron Fa'aoso
Nakkiah Lui
Steven Oliver
Bjorn Stewart
Elizabeth Wymarra
Adam Briggs
Release dates
2016 - Australia
M - Mature
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

TV screening dates (ABC):

Episode 1: 3 February 2016
Episode 2: 10 February 2016
Episode 3: 17 February 2016
Episode 4: 24 February 2016
Episode 5: 2 March 2016
Episode 6: 9 March 2016


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