The Warriors


The Warriors follows the once-great Warriors Football Club, which pins its hopes and dwindling reputation on three untested rookies and a jaded star.

Overnight the talented young athletes are thrown head first into the high-stakes world of professional sport.

For Maki, Zane and Scottie, sporting success means leaving home and finding a place in an unfamiliar world. But as the boys encounter temptation and pressure on a level they have never experienced, they must battle to maintain their integrity and a connection to their past.

The change is particularly pronounced for the season's number one draft pick, Maki, who swaps the remote Aboriginal community where he grew up for the bright lights of Melbourne.

Under the guidance of bad boy Team Captain, Doc, Maki and his fellow recruits have to navigate new relationships and challenging situations both on and off the field. But will they even make it on to the ground for the first game of the season?

The Warriors is an authentic, fresh, funny and poignant take on the often public drama and big business of professional sport – touching on universal themes of identity, belonging, success, failure and the lure of fame.

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Episode 1

Team captain, Doc, and his three Aussie Rules rookies must make it to the MCG for the team's big media announcement. But when Doc gets them lost inside the stadium, they must find a way out before the entire event is ruined.

Episode 2

When Maki takes a spectacular mark at training which is filmed by the media, Arnie, an internet pundit with his own website claims Maki faked the jump. In an effort to prove that Arnie is lying, Deb asks Maki to do the jump again. But when Maki stays up all night reading the negative comments online he can't manage the jump a second time. In support of their brother player Scottie, Zane and Doc come up with an ingenious plan to exact revenge on Arnie.

Episode 3

When Bill becomes angry at Spinner's new-age training methods, he decides to toughen the rookies up with a visit to the infamous gym known as "Onion's Ring". Scottie fights Onion and Zane fights his son Roger and both are humbled in the ring. But when Maki refuses to take part Bill is disappointed and Zane is furious. Zane and Maki argue and the tensions of their relationship rise to the surface.

Episode 4

Zane stops kicking with accuracy. Spinner warns him that his position in the team could be in jeopardy. Physically there appears to be nothing wrong with Zane's kicking style and it seems Zane's problem is all in his head. The boys decide Zane needs to take his mind off things and organise a wild night out. Can Zane get his kick back?

Episodes 5

When Doc's latest scandal causes The Warriors to lose their sponsorship, he learns that sometimes you need to do wrong to set things right.

Episodes 6

When Maki is racially vilified, Zane must decide whether to ignore it or take a stand for what he believes in.

Episodes 7

Maki leaves The Warriors and returns to his hometown of Warmun. The boys embark on a mission to bring him back before it spells the end of The Warriors.

Episodes 8

When Scottie is named starting ruckman for the first game of the season he takes extreme measures to heal his knee. But when a random drug test is announced, the boys must find a way to help Scottie pass the test.


Lisa McCune
John Howard
Vince Colosimo
Gordan Churchill
Nelson Baker
Ben Knight
Reece Milne
Tasia Zalar
Release dates
2017 - Australia
M - Mature
Australian Broadcasting Association (ABC)

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