Black Divaz


Black Divaz follows the inaugural Miss First Nation pageant where six Aboriginal drag queens from around Australia battle it out over five days for the coveted crown. With photo shoots with crocodiles, challenges, talent quests and lip sync battles – all done in the balmy heat of Darwin – the competition is fierce, and each contestant has to stretch more than just their wardrobe choices.

Taking viewers behind-the-scenes, Black Divaz will focus on the personal stories of three of the contestants, travelling to their hometowns to reveal the challenges, heartbreaks and triumphs that have made them who they are and brought them to the stage.

Black Divaz is a film that goes beyond the glitz, glue guns and glamour of Black Drag to reveal a fun, fabulous and sometimes fearful place especially if you are an Aboriginal man in a country where identity is constantly examined.

Black Divaz gives our mob a whole new kind of role model, only instead of running for Olympic gold, singing in a music video, or acting on the big or small screen, these role models perform in heels, glitter and huge wigs,” said director Adrian Russell Wills.



Release dates
2018 - Australia

Black Divaz was filmed in Melbourne, Sydney, Kempsey and Darwin.


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