To his direct descendants and the wider Aboriginal community, Pemulwuy, Australia’s first Aboriginal resistance fighter, was a martyr, a leader, a patriot and a warrior.

A member of the Bidjigal clan who was considered a "cleverman" – with supernatural powers – he is revered in the Aboriginal community for leading the opposition to the British taking over traditional hunting grounds from the early years of the colony until he was shot dead in 1802.

Pemulwuy follows the subject from birth and boyhood, with a large part of the story dedicated to the battles and guerrilla warfare with the British.

Pemulwuy’s skull is believed to have been given to the UK's Royal College of Surgeons in 1802 and has since been lost.

"He was shot and didn’t die. He was imprisoned and he got out. He got a fractured skull and he recovered." – Jon Bell, writer

We don't need Iron Man and Superman. We need to hear about our own heroes.

— Richard Green, actor


G - general

Direct descendants including Uncles Richard Green, Vic Sims and Colin Isaacs and Aunty Yvonne Sims are ambassadors and custodians on the film.

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