Black Comedy (Season 3)


Black Comedy (Season 3, 2018) is a sketch comedy series developed for the ABC, written by and starring some of the funniest Indigenous performers in the country. Ably supported by an array of talented Indigenous and non-Indigenous performers, the core team uses comedy to explore what it means to be Indigenous in contemporary Australia.

The third series of Black Comedy continues an acerbic, witty and altogether unapologetic comedic exploration of what it means to be black in contemporary Australia.

In this season, Black Comedy veterans Aaron Fa'Aoso and Nakkiah Lui are joined by new writer/performers David Woodhead, a twenty-year-old stand-up comedian from Darwin, Nayuka Gorrie, a social commentator, and Gabriel Willie, aka Bush Tucker Bunjie. Rounding out the core performing team are actors Wayne Blair and Rarriwuy Hick, recent NIDA graduate Dalara Williams and eighteen-year-old newcomer Maci-Grace Johnson.

The core cast is supported by a line-up of guest appearances including Elizabeth Wymarra, Leah Purcell, Adam Briggs, Matt Day, James Fraser, Jack Charles, Elaine Crombie, Lisa Hensley and Meyne Wyatt, Mia Wasikowska, Adam Goodes, Christine Anu, Jay Laga'aia, Daniel Amalm, Zoë Coombs Marr, Casey Donovan, Ian Roberts and Simon Hall.

See also Season 1, Season 2, Season 4.

Curriculum links

The Australian Curriculum acknowledges Aboriginal histories and cultures as a cross-curriculum priority in all learning areas. Black Comedy provides a resource for students to learn about:

  • The lives of Aboriginal people
  • Contemporary Aboriginal Australian society
  • Relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians

The series engages students in discussions about Aboriginal identity and allows students to examine the key concepts of 'country’ or place, culture and people and to engage in discussions about reconciliation, respect and recognition of the world’s oldest continuous living cultures. Through viewing the series students will consider the historic and contemporary impacts of colonisation and will be able to understand that contemporary Aboriginal communities are strong, resilient, rich and diverse.

In addition, Black Comedy provides an opportunity for Aboriginal students to see themselves, their identities and their cultures portrayed on screen in a television series made for a mainstream Australian audience.

In Year 10, Black Comedy can be used as a resource in Civics and Citizenship, Drama, English, History and Media.

For students in Years 11 and 12, Black Comedy has relevance to units of work in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, Australian History, Drama, English and Media.


Episode 1

Meet a Torres Strait Islander man stuck on a desert island with the whitest people ever; the Bondi Blackfella, an Indigenous lifesaver with an aversion to the sea and revisit Blakforce.

Episode 2

We pay homage to 70s horror classic the Exorcist with the Cuzorcist, the tale of a family whose home is possessed by an unwanted Cousin, the Bondi Blackfella gets existential, and the world's most belligerent GPS returns.

Episode 3

An Indigenous group finally gets their land back - but aren't sure what to do with it, Blakforce returns as Officer Nath goes undercover and we meet an Indigenous man on a charity walk around Australia.

Episode 4

The Blakforce SCU: Special Coconut Unit try to uncover a mole in their ranks, the Bondi Blackfella finds himself torn between saving a life and enjoying a cup of tea, and the Tracker makes a triumphant return.

Episode 5

Blakforce respond to a whiteface complaint, Will gets more than he bargained for when he engages the services of an Indigenous call girl, and the Wigglymuyu Dancers turn their attention to spirits of the alcoholic kind.

Episode 6

The cast of Wake Up To Yourself ask a white guest how they can be better black people, an Indigenous woman comes out to her parents, and we blow the lid off the illegal Confirmation of Aboriginality trade in COA.


Aaron Fa'Aoso
Nakkiah Lui
David Woodhead
Nayuka Gorrie
Gabriel Willie
Wayne Blair
Rarriwuy Hick
Dalara Williams
Maci-Grace Johnson
Release dates
September 2018 - Australia
M - Mature
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

TV screening dates (ABC):

Episode 1: 19 Sep 2018
Episode 2: 26 Sep 2018
Episode 3: 3 Oct 2018
Episode 4: 10 Oct 2018
Episode 5: 17 Oct 2018
Episode 6: 24 Oct 2018


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