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Little J, he’s five and Big Cuz, she’s nine. They’re a couple of Aboriginal Australian kids living with their Nanna and Old Dog.

In season three, Big Cuz starts to navigate some tricky adult responsibilities like captaining the rugby team, getting her ‘pen licence’ and proving she can take on the challenge of looking after her own dog.

Little J and best friend Levi get up to more adventures on Country together, gaining invaluable knowledge about their culture and learning about the importance of having each other’s backs in tricky situations.

Friendly faces Nanna, Old Dog, Uncle Mick and Ms Chen also help guide Little J and Big Cuz along the way, as they find out more about their world and themselves, whether it’s in the backyard, on Country or in the classroom.

Little J & Big Cuz is an initiative of the Australian Council for Educational Research designed to support First Nations children’s transition to school. Based on a First Nations perspective on the Early Years Learning Framework, the series demystifies school by modelling the day-to-day running of a typical primary classroom.

Episode guide

Episode 1: Kid Detectives

The kids are baffled when precious things go missing so detectives Little J and Levi search for clues. Big Cuz knows one piece of the puzzle - overwhelmed by receiving her pen licence, she’s hidden her pen. But where are all the other precious things?

Episode 2: Footy Trip

Big Cuz worries about being Captain of the school rugby team, while Little J is the self-appointed cheer squad. When Nanna’s van breaks down in the desert on the way to the match, Big Cuz has to dig deep for the team - cheered on by Little J.

Episode 3: New Old Bike

Little J loves Big Cuz’s old bike, and Big Cuz loves teaching him to ride it - ready for Ride to School Day. But Little J is mortified when he discovers he’s riding a girl’s bike. Will he accept the hand-me-down bike in time?

Episode 4: Parade

Everyone loves Big Cuz’s beach parade idea for NAIDOC Week. Little J gets busy building a float with his school friends, while not letting B Boy join in. But on the Big Day, the parade is a shambles. Maybe B Boy’s drumming is the answer.

Episode 5: Serpent's Eye

The Big Kids are obsessed with marbles – and the Little Kids are excluded from the game. Soon Little J and Levi have their own obsession when they discover a mysterious creature with a glistening green eye in the playground. But when the creature disappears, is it gone forever?

Episode 6: Bye Bye Bear

Big Cuz decides she’s too grown-up for toys - so Little J gives her old teddy to B Boy. B Boy loves playing with his new teddy, especially rough and tumble games, much to Big Cuz’s dismay. Now she desperately wants her beloved teddy back.

Episode 7: Fish Traps

Big Cuz is under pressure – Little J is so convinced she’s going to catch a big Murray Cod, he’s invited guests to the river for a campfire feed. But whatever they try, the kids can’t seem to catch a fish. Fingers crossed their fish traps work in time…

Episode 8: Old Dog's Day

Big Cuz and Little J head to the fund-raising sausage sizzle – forgetting to feed Old Dog. Old Dog has the solution – those sausages must be for him! Soon Old Dog is in a battle for the sausages with cheeky Goanna. What’s everyone going to have for lunch now?

Episode 9: Levi Learns

Little J’s excited about the take-home readers. But Levi’s worried – because Grandpa gets upset if he asks for help to read them. When Levi panics about reading, Big Cuz finds him hiding in the playground. Can she persuade Levi to come to class if they make their own reader?

Episode 10: Puppy

Big Cuz is desperate for a puppy – but Nanna’s not sure she’s ready for the responsibility. Enter “Puppy J”- just the trick to prove she’ll be good at puppy care. Trouble is Little J doesn’t know when to drop the act!

Episode 11: Treasure Hunters

Little J and Levi can’t wait to go treasure hunting with Nanna’s old metal detector. Big Cuz hatches a plan – she’ll hide treasure for them to find. But the plan backfires when she buries Nanna’s precious brooch, and the boys can’t find it…

Episode 12: Dance Mash-Up

Little J can’t wait for the school culture concert – he’s learning the Chinese Lion Dance with his friend. Big Cuz is feeling too shy to learn a dance but when she teams up with Kirra - who she’s convinced is also too shy - Big Cuz is in for a wonderful surprise.

Episode 13: River Adventure

Little J knows the river is the perfect place for Aaron’s best ever adventure, while Big Cuz needs to film an exciting news report. So it’s win-win when they send Aaron down the river in a makeshift boat - until he disappears overboard. Can anyone save him?

Episode 14: Shelter

When Little J builds a bark shelter in the backyard, Nanna and Levi are keen to help. But he’s alone when it comes to sleeping in the shelter. Big Cuz loves having their bedroom to herself – until it rains. How’s Little J going to cope in his shelter?


Miranda Tapsell - Little J
Deborah Mailman - Big Cuz
Aaron Fa’aoso - Old Dog
Renee Lim - Ms Chen
Mark Coles Smith - Uncle Mick
Ursula Yovich - Nanna and Levi
Release dates
The first episode premiered on NITV on 17 December 2021.
G - general
Cezary Skubiszewski, Jan Skubiszewski

Season 3 is broadcast on NITV and ABC Kids.

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