Robbie Hood (Season 1)


Robbie is a troublemaker with a heart of gold living in a remote Aboriginal community in Central Australia, wreaking havoc with his gang of merry boys.

They’re in their mid-teens, young enough to get a slap on the wrist by the law, old enough to know better.

Robbie Hood is understood to be an upbeat and heartfelt comedy series although it deals with serious themes and issues that affect many Aboriginal people around Australia.

This is perfect TV and it deserves to be seen.

— Louise Rugendyke, Editor, Sun-Herald

Episode guide

Episode 1: Robbing By Nature

Robbie Hood and his trusty mates Georgia Blue and Little Johnny are sent to buy food for everyone staying at Nana Mary’s house. Robbie’s Dad steals the money from the gang and spends it on alcohol instead and so, because they can’t afford the store’s overpriced meat, they commandeer Dad’s car and his rifle to go hunting for their own piece of steak.

Episode 2: Cool Clean Water

Banned from the local pool on a stinking hot day, Robbie and his mates Georgia Blue and Little Johnny will stop at nothing to find a way to escape the heat. But the swimming hole is dirty and when they’re banned from the local pool by the hostile pool attendant, Pervin’ Mervin, they have no choice but to seek relief in private pools across town. But when Pervin’ Mervin prices out the Aboriginal kids from the local pool, Robbie decides enough is enough. The trio steal a drum of chlorine from the pool’s shed to clean the swimming hole and the neighbourhood kids finally get cool.

Episode 3: I Was Robbed

Robbie Hood and his band of mates, Georgia Blue and Little Johnny, make merry across town on their bikes until an enraged man snatches Blue’s bike. Robbie prays for help and miraculously stumbles across the thief. But when they are unexpectedly trapped in his ute, it takes some quick thinking from Robbie to convince Shane the Copper that they were kidnapped, and the man is arrested.

Episode 4: The Kids Are Gone

When Nana Mary’s house gets over crowded, Robbie Hood and his trusty mates Georgia Blue and Little Johnny go into the foster care of an offbeat do-gooder on the verge of a mental breakdown. The trio are quickly put to work, but things take a turn when Little Johnny learns they’re living in a “meat-free” household. It’s not until a recently-orphaned Shire boy breaks in searching for food, that Robbie comes up with a mutually beneficial solution: the boy can live with the hippie and Robbie and his sidekicks can finally go home.

Episode 5: Speedway

Robbie Hood and his trusty mates Georgia Blue and Little Johnny sneak into the Speedway with Robbie’s Dad. But when Mim’s friend flakes on their cheerleading performance, Robbie steps in and helps out Mim by impersonating a girl and taking her place on the squad.

Episode 6: It's Christmas Again!

Robbie Hood and his trusty mates Georgia Blue and Little Johnny think up a clever scheme to have the best Christmas ever. But on the anniversary of his Mum’s death Robbie’s Dad is put in jail for drinking in the Shire, a designated dry zone. Which means no money, no presents! So in the spirit of sharing, Robbie and his mates descend on the wealthy homes of Alice Springs and embark on a present exchange, swapping out one puppy for one present in the hopes that everyone will be able to have the best Christmas ever.


Pedrea Jackson - Robbie
Jordan Johnson - Georgia Blue
Levi Thomas - Little Johnny
Tiara Doolan - Mim
Dan Falzon - Shane the Copper
G - general

Shot on location in Alice Springs.

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