The Straits


Set among the turquoise waters and lethal wildlife of Australia’s Far North Queensland and the Torres Strait, The Straits is an exotic, darkly humorous crime drama centred on a family of modern day smugglers.

The Montebellos transport drugs into Australia and guns and exotic wildlife out, making use of ties of blood and loyalty in the Torres Strait Islands.

Harry, the head of the family, is a man who seems to have it all. Which is why his family is shocked when he announces that he wants his sons to compete for the right to be his successor.

His wife Kitty is outraged as she has been expecting him to appoint their eldest son as successor, and a power struggle is sparked between brother and brother, wife and daughter.

With the business under attack from ambitious bikies and mercurial PNG raskols, the family must hold together through torture, assassination, imprisonment, and their own internal warfare.

The Straits episode guide

Episode 1: The Proposition

When Harry, the head of a family of modern day smugglers, reveals his unexpected succession plan it sparks conflict in the family. Without his father's knowledge Noel sets up a methamphetamine lab in PNG.

Episode 2: The Trouble With Raskols

When a PNG raskol dies after Noel's meth lab explodes, the dead raskol's brother goes to the family's home on Zey Island intent on revenge. Gary flees to Cairns prompting Harry, Marou and Noel to go to PNG to square things with the raskols and the expat Chinese trader, Quay Lin. Meanwhile, Sissi starts work with the family's accountant Paddy and discovers that Paddy has been embezzling money from the family for years.

Episode 3: Yawor My Lovely

A hired killer has Harry Montebello in his sights, while Sissi's revelations about Paddy's embezzlement of the family business force a deadly confrontation. Meanwhile, Gary's confession spells trouble for Lola.

Episode 4: The Hunt for Vlad

While Harry's in hospital and his sons hunt down the hired killer, Sissi finds a large sum of money hidden inside Paddy's house and sets about leaving Cairns until prevented by Sutherland, a corrupt cop.

Episode 5: Epiphanies

Police attention follows the blowing up of the clubhouse and Noel's siblings are angry with him. For the first time Marou believes he would make the better leader.

Episode 6: The Price

The family try to free Marou who is being tortured by the DC bikies, and are forced to name a price for his life. Meanwhile, Sissi encounters Paddy's nephew who has come looking for his disappeared relative.

Episode 7: Poison

Fresh out of hospital, Harry reasserts his authority and creates a plan to get Noel out of prison. Meanwhile, in an effort to earn their father's respect, Marou and Gary score a stash of drugs from a ship.

Episode 8: The Big Mistake

In an attempt to win Kitty back, Harry ends his relationship with Natasha, thereby scuttling plans to get Noel out of prison. Meanwhile, Lola realises that Harry remembers everything and begs for forgiveness.

Episode 9: Dead Reckoning

Noel is on the run, from both the police and the DC bikies, and makes his getaway plan. Meanwhile, Harry is also desperately worried about Marou, who hasn't been seen since he disappeared with Lola.

Episode 10: Fatherhood

Marou arrives on Zey Island and accuses Gary of creating the circumstances that led to Lola's death. Meanwhile, Sissi has discovered that Thomson is planning to leave town, but will she leave with him?

Bonus episodes

Episode 101: The Making of The Straits

The producers and writers talk about what makes the series distinctive, entertaining and surprisingly funny.

Episode 102: The Wild Straits

The place, the wildlife and making a TV show in crocodile country.

Episode 103: Directors and Cast

The directors and cast of the show talk about what drew them to the show and why it is different. Hear from Brian Cox, Rena Owen, Peter Andrikidis and more.

Episode 104: Island Time

People talk about 'island time', but what does this mean, and how does 'island time' effect a TV shoot?


Brian Cox
Rena Owen
Aaron Fa'aoso
Firass Dirani
Jimi Bani
Suzannah Bayes-Morton
Release dates
2012 - Australia
M - Mature

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