Black Angels: A Widening Vision


Gordon Bennett was born in Monto, Queensland in 1955. In 1991 his compelling painting, The Nine Ricochets: fall down black fella, jump up white fella, won him the prestigious Moet and Chandon Art Fellowship.

Black Angels is about the opening up of perception in the world today as Bennett asks us in his disturbing and exciting paintings to recognise that there is another view of history.

Europeans did not see when they occupied Australia, the so called terra nullius, that for more than forty thousand years a sophisticated culture, rich in art and in language and profoundly rich in mythology and in spiritual life had existed among Aboriginal peoples. Bennett, in his art, is helping make us aware of black history and of the suffering that is caused by limited perceptions.

Black Angels follows Bennett's journeys to Europe and to the sites of Aboriginal rock art. It also follows his emotional and creative journey as he comes to terms with his Aboriginality and his perceptions of Aboriginal history. Today, with his work gaining international recognition, his contribution to the 'widening vision' has become significant.


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