All Barbara wants to do is watch the Simpsons, but her mum has just been overcharged for a chicken at her local store and has to enlist the help of her much more street-wise daughter to sort it out.

The film deals with themes of racism and gaslighting, yet does so in a relatively light way; the issues aren't trivialised, but they're explored in an entertaining way.



Mariah Alone - Barbara
Wendy P. Mocke - Rita
Mia Evans Rorris - Dion
Greta Lee Jackson - Shelley
Release dates
13 January 2020 - Australia (Flickerfest International Short Film Festival)
17 January 2020 - USA (Santa Barbara International Film Festival)
7 October 2020 - UK (London Film Festival)
M - Mature

Mariah Bellaluisa Alone's heritage is Tongan (Kolomotu'a), Fijian (Taileveu), Aboriginal (Kamilaroi) and Italian (Sicily).

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