Dark Age


Steve Harris is a ranger who has been assigned to deal with a massive saltwater crocodile that's been attacking and killing people in the Northern Territory.

He finds himself at odds with the local Aboriginal community, who believe the crocodile should be preserved since it contains Numunwari, the spirit of their past.

Steve must develop a plan to respect the wishes of the Aborigines and also protect the residents threatened by the crocodile.



John Jarratt - Steve Harris
Nikki Coghill - Cathy Pope
Max Phipps - John Besser
Burnham Burnham - Oondabund
David Gulpilil - Adjaral
Ray Meagher - Rex Garret
Jeff Ashby - Mac Wilson
Paul Bertram - Jackson
Ron Blanchard - Bluey Noakes
Gerry Duggan - Joe Blunt
Ken Radley - Reynolds
Janet Kingsbury - Ann Wilson
James Fitzgerald - Smithy
Hank Mosby - Hitchens
James Mann - Hitching
Jock McCullum - King
Chris Anderson - Thug
Thug - Barry Cummings
Release dates
10 July 1987 - Australia
21 May 1987 - Japan
October 1987 - West Germany
29 June 1988 - USA
18 September 2008 - USA (theatrical release)
Video/DVD release date
5 October 2011 (DVD), 15 September 2017 (Blue-Ray)
R18+ - Restricted
Danny Beckerman

Based on the novel Numunwari by Grahame Webb.

The movie was never seen in Australia theatrically.

Shot on location in Cairns and Alice Springs.

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