Djaambi is a First Nations coming of age story dealing with racism, identity, anxiety and death through a spiritual journey.

The film centres on Reg, a young First Nations man, transitioning between past decisions, and the new. Made raw in the wake of the death of his close cousin, Tjarrah, Reg’s experiences with racism at the hands of his work colleague challenge his sense of identity, making him anxious. Embarking on a spiritual journey, reflecting on the past to reassure his present decisions, Tjarrah guides Reg through his grief.

Djaambi touches on contemporary, and often unseen by the privileged, themes of racism and mental health, while navigating one’s place in Australian society, illustrating the impact of cultural overload and the aftermath of trauma.


Apeksha Aebi-Goonan - Office Worker
Sarah Baber - Office Worker
Callum Ellerton - Office Worker
Craig Flanigan - Office Worker
Samantha Hughes - Office Worker
Nick Kennet - Business Man
Rachael Leahcar - Office Worker
Emma Miaco - Office Worker
Paul Miaco - Office Worker
Nicholas Michalakis - Office Worker
Dylan Miller - Reg
Gianluca Noble - Craig
Katie O'Reilly - Katie
Loren Panno - Office Worker
Rima Rakshit - Office Worker
Kyle Robertson - Office Worker
Katherine Sortini - Emma
Natasha Wanganeen - Tjarrah
Arthur Ware - Russell
Geoffrey Williams - Office Worker
Ren Williams - Claire
Release dates
2021 - Australia
PG - Parental guidance

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