Don't Call Me Beautiful


Don't Call Me Beautiful is a biographical documentary chronicling the life of Aboriginal woman Zeitha Murphy.

In 1965, at the age of 3 months, she was removed from the care of her Aboriginal mother and placed into St. Vincent’s Orphanage in Nudgee, Brisbane.

After being adopted into the home of an elderly spinster, Zeitha experienced years of emotional and physical abuse, only cementing her feeling of displacement and isolation within society and her life.

The sheer trauma of her youth later led to an array of mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety.

However, accompanied by an unwaveringly positive mindset and determination to create a better life for herself and her sons, Zeitha has devoted herself to discovering her true place in society and her birth family.

She reflects on the traumatic events of her childhood—embarking on a healing journey of self-discovery in the process.


Zeitha Murphy - herself
23 May 2018: Best Youth Short Film Award - St Kilda Short Film Festival

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