Dust is set on the cotton fields of far Northern New South Wales. As a treacherous Dust storm brews, so do the relationships between the white and Aboriginal cotton cutters.

Wrestling with the dust and dawn hues we follow a car on its journey to the cotton fields. In it are two young Noongar men, Leroy and Vance and their mother Ruby, finding their way to work.

When the storm finally breaks it brings about powerful revelations concerning the land and those who move through it. Dust explores the individuals relationship with the land, suggesting that in order to survive one must understand and listen to their environment.


Clayton Munro - Leroy
Wayne Munro - Vance
Reta Binge - Ruby
Tristan Bancks - Mick
Nathalie Roy - Amy
Release dates
2000 - Australia
Winner: Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival 2000 (E.A.C. Award) Winner: 2002 Tudawali Awards (Best Short Drama)
PG - Parental guidance
Alister Spence, Ivan Sen

Dust was filmed on location in Wee Waa.

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