Future Dreaming


The project is a virtual reality documentary that transforms interviews about the daily lives and dreams for the future of four young Aboriginal people into virtual reality paintings.

Future Dreaming is a virtual reality film starring imagined future versions of Nelson and Max Coppin, Maverick Eaton and Alison Lockyer (all from Roebourne, WA), who will guide viewers around their lives on the fictional planet Daya over a 20-year period.

While Maverick Eaton created his world based from his nan's block in the remote Pilbara station of Pippingarra, Nelson Coppin visualised his world depicting the Pilbara landscape of red dust, spinifex and ghost gums with trains carrying iron ore traversing across his traditional homeland.

Episode guide

Episode 1: Imagining The Future

The four students step into the world of virtual reality to tell their new story. They must first think up a story to tell.

Episode 2: Searching For Inspiration

The four students return to Port Hedland to get some inspiration for their virtual reality art. They draw ideas from the landscape.

Episode 3: Painting The Future

The students begin the process of painting their virtual world. They design anything from a characters to the VR landscape.

Episode 4: My Future Self

The students attempt to create their future selves. They make use of green screens and trackers are attached for motion capture.

Episode 5: Presenting The Future

The students are finally able to see the finished story of themselves in five years. They are ready for the big presentation.

Episode 6: Dreams Become Reality


Alison Lockyer
Maverick Eaton
Nelson Coppin
Max Coppin
Release dates
2019 - Australia
PG - Parental guidance

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