How Do We Get To Space: Love Punks and Satellite Sisters


Something is happening in one of the hottest and most remote places of the world: In the small Aboriginal community of Ieramagadu (Roebourne), Western Australia, an unlikely group of 11-year olds wearing found objects, wacky hats and face paint create the world’s first Aboriginal interactive comic book, NEOMAD - a three-part futuristic fantasy starring the creators themselves as their alter egos the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters.

In the real world, the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters are seen as troublemakers; problem kids with too much energy and nothing to do. But when arts and social change company Big hART come to town, the kids seize the opportunity to collaborate and show the world who they really are.

The Love Punks and Satellite Sisters find new ways to tell stories and express themselves. Despite the sweltering heat of the desert sun and broken air conditioners, the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters create live action films and master Photoshop, surpassing the expectations of their community and taking them from their small town to the neon lights of South Korea’s Bucheon International Comics Festival.

How do we get to Space? captures the arguments, pranks, computer wizardry, and the grand fantastical vision as the young artists battle to create themselves as the heroes of their own epic adventure - meet the real Love Punks and Satellite Sisters from Roebourne!


Release dates
2015 - Australia
Winner 2015 ATOM Awards: Best Documentary – Short Form (30 minutes or less)
G - general
Stuart Thorne

You can find out more about the NEOMAD project on the Big hART website.

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