On the cusp of his initiation, a young Aboriginal boy, Mungo, has a chance encounter with James Ashton and his travelling circus in 1853.

Mungo is instantly spellbound by the magic of the circus, but is torn between the two worlds.

Does he do what is expected of him and follow in the footstep’s tribal leaders before him? Or does he take a chance and go on the adventure of a lifetime with the Ashton Circus, leaving behind his people?


Javier Jones (Larrakia nation) - Mungo
Paul Hughes - James Henry Ashton
Tony Maynard - Town Man 1
Jo Maynard - Town Man 2
Bowen Strong - Young Boy
Karen Senn - Ellen Kelly
Peter Daley - Sulky Driver
Uche Moran - Young Man
Amanda Riordan - Town Lady 1
Janelle Franklin - Town Lady 2
Will Jerrard - Elder
Patrick Strong - Elder
Ann Gaites - Mrs. Gaites
Release dates
2022 - Australia
Winner - 2022 Breath of Fresh Air First Nations Stories Short Film Competition Best Indigenous/Native Peoples Film - 2021 Cannes World Film Festival Best Child Actor and Best Historical Film Award - Onrios Film Awards New York 2021 Winner of the Best Actor Award - New Creators Film Awards Paris 2021 Best Actor Award Platinum & Best Director Award Platinum - Best Actor & Director Awards New York 2021
G - general

Shot on location in Tamworth, NSW.

Javier Jones was 10 years old at the time of filming and had to learn how to speak the Gamilaraay language for the film.

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