My Family Matters


My Family Matters is a celebration of modern Aboriginal families, and the everyday role models that exist within them. This heart-warming story captures everyday life, shining a light on ordinary families doing extraordinary things.

For Wiradjuri couple Sarah and Kirt Hartas, of Ipswich, Queensland, balancing contemporary life with culture for a family of 13 includes dealing with disability, preparing for the arrival of a new grandchild and reconnecting with long lost family.

From hectic breakfasts to military precision grocery shopping and surprise family reunions, each family activity reveals the Hartas family’s strength of character, community spirit and pride in their cultural heritage. Their everyday life highlights positive role modelling how culture is entwined in modern Aboriginal life.

They are a family that face lots of challenges, but are firmly held together by love.


Sarah Hartas (mother)
Kirt Hartas (father)
Jamarlah Riley (22)
Karmara Riley (20)
Jennifer Perina (19)
Jermaine Hartas (18)
Tahlia Hartas (16)
Tyrell Hartas (15)
Nikita Hartas (14)
Kumani Hartas (13)
Shanequa Hartas (10)
Kyrone Hartas (9)
Milika Hartas (7)
Release dates
13 July 2020 - Australia (NITV)
G - general
Ruby Red Films

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