My Uncle Bluey


In December 2005 Britt Arthur heard the news that her Uncle Robert was dead. No-one in the Arthur family had spoken about Robert in the preceding 30 years. He was the black sheep of the family, he would argue, he owed everyone money and before he left he actually pulled a gun on Britt's dad.

At least that is what Britt had heard…

When it came to Robert, Britt hardly knew what to believe. She was too young to remember him being around. But as she grew older, an interest in discovering her long lost uncle became clear. She wanted to know who he was, and where to find him.

The unfortunate phone call just before Christmas had ended the chance for Britt to bring her uncle back to the family. And the silence about Uncle Robert remained, even in the time of his death.

Britt's father would be the only member of the Arthur family to make the 1000-mile journey to Robert's funeral, except, of course, for Britt who took her camera along for the ride.

My Uncle Bluey is a personal story about the things that tear families apart, what brings them back together, and how your family is your family. Always.

Dad was the only member of my family that had decided to go to [Uncle Bluey's] funeral. I went with him, and being a filmmaker I decided to take my camera. I didn’t know that I was going to make a documentary, but something compelled me to record this experience. For some reason, I knew the journey was going to be special.

— Britt Arthur, director of My Uncle Bluey


Release dates
56th Sydney Film Festival (Australia) 2009 - World Premiere
Video/DVD release date
Australian Director’s Guild (ADG) Awards 2009 – Winner Best Direction in a Short Film. Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards 2009 - Winner Best Documentary Short Subject Canberra Short Film Festival 2009 – Winner Best National Short Film
G - general
Ronin Films
Ash Gibson Grieg

My Uncle Bluey was shot on location in Onslow, Baandee, Merredin and Perth, Western Australia

Also by Britt Arthur: Not in Front of the Kids (15', 2003)

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