One Shoe Short


On a town camp in Alice Springs, Australia, a boy searches for a pair of shoes so he can go to school.

His friend tries to help him out by reorganising his aunty's shopping list.

I wanted to show the kids in a positive light, it's an upbeat empowering film, showing the kids as smart and funny.

— Jackie Van Beek


Rodney Malbunka - Rodney
Jesse McCormack - Jesse
Release dates
2008 - Australia
Best Indigenous Achievement, 2008 St Kilda Film Festival (Australia) Best Film made by Adults for Children, Auburn International Film Festival (Australia) Best Achievement in Indigenous Film-making, 2009 St Kilda Film Festival (Australia)
G - general

One Shoe Short is available on the DVD Show Me Shorts Vol 2, published by Vendetta Films.

The film grew out of a clown workshop Van Beek was running in Alice Springs.

Shot on location at Trucking Yards town camp, Alice Springs and Gillen Primary School.

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